Hunt Information

  • First Clue: Monday, November 1st, 2021 Found on: November 7th, 2021
  • Finder(s): Mike Nowak, Jesse Barton, and Shawn Gallahue
  • Prize: An amazing stash of silver + Hunt Memorabilia
  • Location: Clifton French Regional, in a chest hidden in a clump of grass.

Clue Explanations

Clue#1: Free to enter, Full of adventure = 3 Rivers park district slogan. Welcome in many tongue = A sign saying welcome in dozens of different languages at the entrance. and the early hint at French.

Clue#2: Hand written pin = Henna(tattoos) pin/ Hennepin. Pin to end = 38th Place North ( as shown on Google maps PI N) which pointed directly to the chest. Step ahead = Early indication of the crosswalk.

Clue#3: A quote on a bench on the same trail, and not that far from the hiding location.

Clue#4: Pardon my language/ Pardon my French. Dip to feel well = Medicine Lake. Review = I left a Google review 4 weeks ago for this park stating, "A great place for a treasure."

Clue#5: Reality Links and Likely Trains = anagrams for Skyline Trail. J Turn = Rockford road/ a maneuver in a car nicknamed a Rockford based on. TV series. Acclaim = Plymouth automobile. Flight of persecution = Pilgrims. Rock name = Plymouth Rock.

Clue#6: Broke = Bur Oak tag located near chest. Watch your descent = Steep Hill sign near chest. Heavy Bluff = Clif/Ton. Bonjour = French. Man on the Moon = Tony Clifton ( Andy Kaufman's alter ego ) and Neil Armstrong High school to the East. End = Search the border.

Clue#7: 3 = an electric box with the #3 near chest./ the 30's streets just west. Let it be,1 year before. = Abbey Road album released in 1969. and the key is the album cover/crosswalk that points directly to chest. Quizzical, Pataphysical, Major, Medicine, Edison = Lyrics to a song on the Abbey Road album titled Maxwell's Silver Hammer. Medicine = Medicine lake/ Medicine trail. Backwards Edison = Maxwell Edison from the song. A light pole numbered 96. backwards from 69. the chest was hidden behind the pole in line with the crosswalk. Challenging Hill = A sign post Challenge Hill near chest.

Clue #8: Unpublished. 96 bright, go past the light. In line with your place North PIN. Crosswalk aligned, Tuft of grass find, cattail patch edge is the win.

Clue # 1 - November 1st

Free to enter, full of adventure, a silver hoard quencher.

All are welcome in many tongue, A finder will you become?

Where has the chest been flung?

Clue # 2

A hand written pin is where to begin, and end as a matter of fact.

You will be one step ahead when this riddle is cracked.

Clue #3

You can't get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough for me.

Some things only make sense BOTG.

Clue #4

Pardon my language but "holy shit".

You might shout when you find it,

And you may chuckle when you get it

Take a dip to feel well, it's here you can tell, where dragon chest fell.

If you have a clue, be sure to review.

Clue #5

Reality links to ponder, likely trains to wander. Whip a J turn in your acclaim, In your flight of persecution find a rock with a name.

Clue #6

Bonjour my friend, will you reach the end? The man on the moon had us buffooned. A heavy bluff, step into the rough. Go for broke, this isn't a joke. Watch your descent please, and take a tour of the trees.

Clue #7

Count to three, Let it be, one year before if you see. If your quizzical or pataphysical, major in medicine. Find the backwards hammer of Edison. A challenging hill, now go get your fill, This find a promised thrill.