Congratulations Matt Littlefield on finding the treasure at Hillside park.

2021 explanations. Clue #1. Fellowship/Evil one = a hint at the Lord of the rings but also a small poke at Josh and his legion of successful hunting friends. (I suppose that makes Todd Gandolf?) With LOTR in mind one could assume Hillside park, a fitting Hobbit home reference. Topp/Tread = red herring for Goodrich park. Tread/ Goodrich. Topp, Topps/ baseball. Dropped = medallion on the ground. Brew/ Tag along a hint at one of the prizes, a tour of Bad Weather Brewery with 9 friends.

Clue#2. Home = Hillside (Hobbit dwelling). Travel/Dale's = Holloway ave. Junior token = J.R. Tolkien, but also a hint to look back several months to the introduction post of my mini medallions, which had been edited with HS for Hillside. See pictures below. Clue#3. Vacant road = Holloway ave. Master = Tierney Rd. Evil Repay = anagram for Ripley Ave. Fakes round = Book cutouts from the hollowed out fellowship of the ring book. Clue #4. Many Come Knowing Nothing/ fIGHT lIGHT. = McKnight. That the first letter of the first four words and the last four letters of the first or second sentence. Sam/Merry/Pippin = hidden surrounded medallion and a hint to look elsewhere. Clue #5. Cower = Cowern pl. King = Kingston ave. Shire = Hillside. Clue #6. Knight = McKnight ave. Disbelief = Ripley Ave. Laid down = hidden on ground. Clue #7. (Unpublished) A pain in your side, don't get stuck on glide. Head for the hills, to find your thrills. Keep your pet leash taught, and search where you ought. Memories of meadow peace and Northwood terror. Fly now fools, no time for error. Clue #7 explanation. Pain/Side = Hillside. Pet Leash = Pet leash sign. Meadow = Meadow drive. Memory = Memory lane. Clue #8 (unpublished) Hillside park hits the mark, everyone should be here by now. Back to sign, time to align. Beyond red trees with white hanging balls, about 50 steps in treasured book falls. Hobbit home roof covered in moss, please search gently no need to toss. Clue #8 explanation. X marks the spot.

The 2021 medallion has been found. details soon.

Clue #1:

Form your fellowship, how can the evil one be topped?
Gather your wits and get a grip, the treasure has been dropped.
Somebody stop Steven stat, who proves just as potent without Matt.
I'll buy you a brew, or just tag along with you.

Clue #2:

Make your way from home among the trees and trails, in order to get yourself close travel along the dales. A junior token, could be outspoken.

Clue #3:

Your vacant road awaits, let hope rule the day. Time to master your fate, or will evil repay? Many fakes abound, and why are they round?

Clue #4:

Many come knowing nothing, less they hold the light. Awaiting you is an epic journey and fight. Faithful Sam was told to scram, with Pippin and Merry on separate trail quite scary.

Clue #5:

Don't cower before the king, show you hold the ring. Throw it in the fire, then head back to the shire.

Clue #6:

The knight stood still, in awe of what he saw. He thought he had his fill. Disbelief set in once he held the prize. A challenge has been laid down, will you now rise?

Hunt Info

Hunt for the Hoard is an annual treasure hunt dedicated to my father Edward Newhall Brodie the 4th. Starting April 12th at 5 PM each year. The medallion will be hidden in a public place in Maplewood, MN. The reward is the entire registration pot, plus added cash and a keepsake item(s) donated by the clue writer. Donations/registrations of $10 per person will sweeten the pot. Registration is not required to participate. Finders who are not registered still win half of the pot.