2020 Copper Dragon Hunt

Hunt Information

  • First Clue: October 1st, 2020, Found on: October 6th, 2020
  • Finder(s): Matt Littlefield and Steven S.
  • Location: Copperfield ponds park, in Mendota Heights

Clue#1: The dragon collected the treasure over many years. Plunders of many battles decorate this chest. Summon your courage no time for fears. Will you be the one to discover it's place of rest?

Clue#2: Forever wild, ancient, and wise. Somewhere out there a fearsome dragon's treasure lies. A heavy chest filled with loot, Be prepared for your pursuit. The dragon got the chest from a rogue and should have known better indeed, Because the rogue built a trapdoor which caused treasure to bleed.

Clue#3: Many have tried to unveil this and died. And yet high is where it resides. Something hated protects this hide.

Clue#4: CD made DC, and DC made TV. B,C, and D you should see that lead right to me.

Clue#5: The copper dragon befriended an aptly named wizard who cast a powerful spell, Large patches of forest poisoned brown and large crooked trees lay where they fell.