2020 Hunt for the Hoard

Hunt Information

  • First Clue: Friday, April 12, 2020, Found on: Friday, April 19, 2020
  • Finder(s): Steven Sanftner
  • Prize: $385 + Hunt Memorabilia
  • Location: North end of Beaver Lake


A tip of the top hat to the mock hunt godfather David Allison himself,
Who will be the finder to place this trophy upon their shelf?
The longest standing mock hunt writer still leading the class,
To find this treasure you must peer through the looking glass.


They all came close but lost something instead,
The white rabbit lost his medal watch but not his head.
The caterpillar lost his pipe,
and the Mad Hatter lost his hat.
When you find what they lost you should know what to make of that.


The Cheshire cat smiles sitting in his tree,
To narrow your search find the missing three,
Get to the end zone with a Rockingham TD.


I'm not lying or border hop trying, One step closer don't dismay, White Rabbit pointsthe way. A correct call to make to hear what he has to say.


What was once two is now four lanes, Diverted around but a segment remains. Search around to rake in the cash, While nearby walkers walk and joggers dash. The backdoor hint received no knocks, Readjust your aim on some different blocks.


The queens garden is full of flower, But not where treasure waits. "Off with their head's" she waged war with the bower, These buckthorn trees she hates. "And stack them in piles", Just nearby the Cheshire cat still smiles.


Try to find your happy place, A quarantine distraction a treasure hunt race. Look to the border and across the street, There should be some water to dip your feet.


Hidden in Maplewood but not a Maplewood park, Look for the notch don't be caught in the dark. Make the connection as busy as you may be, Sink your teeth into it or any nearby tree. Take the pill that makes you smaller, To see what was there all along. In full sight to see, still the missing three. Don't fear the Bandersnatch bark.


Be very careful not to fall down the rabbit hole, Wager a guess to align a pole. It's the wrong rodent if you find a vole, Triangulating 3 trinkets is your goal. Look up look down see what you are able. A caterpillar perch, a rabbits hole, and a hatters table.

Clue#10: A pinpoint detailed location.


Clue 1:

Tip top = North. Top hat = Beaver Lake, a common material used to make top hats. Looking glass = Medallion disguise. This clue was absolutely a show of respect to the White Rabbit, David Allison himself, and also a slight rib jab with the mention of "Trophy on Shelf" as his Medallion is not a keeper, and that sucks... lol.

Clue 2:

Caterpillar pipe, Mad hatters hat, and White rabbits watch were items placed in a triangle around the Medallion. What to make = Triangle.

Clue 3:

Cheshire cat was a copper wire smile embedded into a barkless tree 10 feet tall. Rockingham TD = Anagram for McKnight Road. End zone = The segment of McKnight ends there.

Clue 4:

A completely isolated clue, a backdoor goose chase. A lost pet poster was placed on Ames Ave on a tree on the west shore of Beaver Lake. Lying = Lion, the name of the white rabbit on the lost pet poster. One Step Closer = Linkin Park song and the neighborhood of Lincoln Park in Saint Paul which borders Beaver Lake. Border hop = Just over the border. Points = Ames street, where the poster was placed on a tree. The acronym IOWA was given as the first letter of each sentence to hint at Ames. Ames Iowa. Answer call = Calling a recorded message, that said " My pet rabbit named Lion went missing on the north end of the lake, if you find him please notify me as there is a reward."

Clue 5:

Former 2 Lane road was all of McKnight until 1982, which is now 4 lanes. Diverted around = The addition they added around Beaver Lake. Segment remains = The 2 lane section of McKnight that ends at Beaver Lake. Rake = Hidden under leaves. Walkers Joggers = A nearby path. Aim = Ames street.

Clue 6:

Queens Garden = The numerous street names on the west side of Beaver Lake being flowers. Off with their heads = Cut down trees. Stacked in piles = The recent cut down trees were stacked in piles.

Clue 7:

Happy Place = Maryland Ave. Border and water should help confirm your location.

Clue 8:

Hidden in Beaver Lake in a section of the park belonging to Maplewood. Notch = A view of the map shows a notch of Maplewood surrounding the lake Caught in the dark = Power poles. Busy as = Busy as a Beaver. Sink teeth tree = Beaver activity. Smaller = looking for something very small, the 3 trinkets placed in a triangle surrounding medallion. Bark = Hiding place of all 3 trinkets were tucked next to tree bark.

Clue 9:

Be very = Beaver. Align a pole = aligning the power pole to the north and the pole to the west puts you at the medallion. Vole = Different rodent, a Beaver. Caterpillar perch = A small pipe was placed on a mushroom on a large tree. Rabbits hole = A small medal watch was placed on a tree with a hole in the base. Hatters table = A small top hat was placed behind a tree stump.