1 Clue, 1 Park hunt: Sunday March 31st. - 9 a.m


New found leisure, would bring you pleasure.

you must rise to the occasion, on a teacher's vacation.

The secret sits in the core, as long as your near the shore.

A first born son kept herharmers in check, but that didn't help save his neck.

You can believe me or not, to get to the spot, and take home a gold pot.

when you see you will know, where the rainbow does go, deciduous dandruff you must throw.


New found leisure= new community building and ice rink at Wakefield park.


Teachers vacation= Summer ave.

Secret sits in the core= secret sits in the middle, a Robert Frost poem. And one I used in my 2017 hunt to say Frost avenue.

Near the shore= place in park to look.

First born son = Chaska

Kept her harmers in check= her being Sara Wakefield who got caught up in the Dakota war or Sioux uprising. He recognized her and proteced her.

That did not save his neck= as he was hanged along with 37 others in Mankato.

Believe me or not = Ripley avenue.

The medallion was hidden under a small pot of gold.

When you see it you will know= a pot of gold sticker was stapled to the tree just above.

Deciduous dandruff ( proud to claim the first use of that phrase) = Leaves, bark, branches.( And cottonwood fuzzies lol)