2018 Hunt for the Hoard

Hunt Information

  • First Clue: Thursday, April 12, 2018, Found on: Thursday, April 19, 2018
  • Finder(s): Jennifer Strahan, Minneapolis
  • Prize: $250 + Hunt Memorabilia
  • Location: Poor Farm Cemetery Heritage Park, Approximately 8 paces northwest of the bench on top of a hill
  • Concealer: Under a leaf patty, attached to a false Douglas Fir tree by fishing line.

Clue #1

Published on Thursday, April 12, 2018 No misshapen star to steer, All clues lead to one final resting place. So follow the story this year, See if you can keep pace.


See=address of the location 2020, final resting place= Ramsey country cemetery, pace= gateway trail.

Clue #2

Published on Friday, April 13, 2018 A tale of action and fury told in the city shaped like a boot, Good luck to you on your chase to the loot.


action ,fury = an anagram to county fair (Ramsey county fair is help there each year ), boot = thinking footwear as in this case the horse shoe courts, good luck= a large horse shoe on the building there.

Clue #3

Published on Saturday, April 14, 2018 The king cared not for his waifs and serfs as grain silos grew bare. Their strife has not gone unforgotten. As the keen sight of the dragons eye saw injustice in his stare.


waif serf=poor. unforgotten = unmarked Graves. cared = nursing home. grain silo=farm. keen sight, eye, stare, saw= 2020 address of the poor farm. Injustice =court house. Bare=white bear av.

Clue #4

Published on Sunday, April 15, 2018 The castle gate was ram proof so the builders say, As 5 armies approached coming from miles away.


gate=gateway trail. Ram proof = anagram ( poor farm). 5 =5 mile marker on gateway trail, and the old highway 5 proposal that frost av was once slated to be.

Clue #5

Published on Monday, April 16, 2018 1 dragon flew above. 1 giant walked below, 20 rows of cavalry stood on clay makers meadow, And a horde of ghouls and frightful things emerged from every shadow.


20 rows of cavalry =20 horse shoe courts. Clay makers meadow = potters field ( original name). Ghouls= graveyard. Frightful =fright farm event held each Halloween there.

Clue #6

Published on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 Troops dropped from 65 to 35 in the shortest span when the winter dragon bared down, A giant stood looking smoking his pipe and drinking from his stein as he saw the kings frown.


65 = county road 65 aka white bear av. 35 is the speed limit sign standing just after the 65 sign. The 30 difference is the duration of use of this graveyard from 1891 to 1921. Span = the gateway trail bridge. Giants pipe =smoke stack. Giant stein= water tower. You could see the tower ,smoke stack, and bridge from the hiding spot. Winter dragon bared down= white bear ave. Looking =2020.

Clue #7

Published on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 No need to bother, In the triangle of trebuchet fodder. Let's leave that place in peace and alone, Focus instead on the power behind the throne.


The triangle trebuchet fodder=3 large marked stones surrounding the park , and to avoid looking within. Focus = 2020. Behind the throne = the hiding spot for the medallion. Leave = 1 oak,1 elm, and 1 maple leaf were glued to the top of medallion. In peace= graveyard. I will admit a bit of a red herring here, as the park had only 2 benches and 1 had a downed power pole behind it. The true power was to be revealed in today's clue.

Clue #8

An ent named Doug gave his beard a tug ,as he followed this tale of wealth. For the king he pulled strings, as defeat now stings. The king was overthrown, now the land the peasants own. But it was too late for them gone was their health.


ent=tree. Doug=Douglass fir tree. Tale =tail. Too late health gone= the death of many forgotten and neglected residents of the poor farm. Land the peasants own= Poor farm heritage park. Strings and tale hint at the fishing line tied to the base of a sapling tree I planted there. And lead away several feet from the base of tree. By finding and following it led you to the medallion

Clue #9

Clue 9 and 10 are uninteresting and basically give the park name tomorrow, and the exact spot Saturday.


I was aware of the large snowfall that was coming so I decided to use this method to give people a chance without having to dig up a ton of snow.