2017 Hunt for the Hoard

Hunt Information

  • First Clue: First Clue: Wednesday, April 12, 2017, Found on: Monday, April 24, 2017
  • Finder(s): Matt Koskie - Hastings, Coldest Hunter - Saint Paul
  • Prize: $200
  • Location: Sterling Oaks Park, Among birch trees in western edge of park
  • Concealer: Pinned Inside a green sleeve.

Clue #1

Published on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 A new hunt starts, today. For one and all to foray. Maplewood public spaces are in play. Do not be led astray. Find the puck and rule the day. A flight plan has been made, Can you make the grade?


The comma placed after the word start should have highlighted it. It's the secret that sits in the middle ( a clue that later references a Robert Frost poem regarding Phalen Lake) the star is the shape made with the flight plan. Making the grade, and later mentioned " test " were hints to this shape. ( gold star on graded papers...)

Clue #2

Published on Friday, April 14, 2017 Don't tread on me when you are under the weather, in a race over water last summer it lost a feather. Believe it or not, it's no long shot. It won't take an ivy league scholar to riddle, the secret that sits in the middle. Vent your wrath, as you follow my path. Northeast he gazed, with wings raised. In his search to plant his Hoard, which woods would he afford?


The entire clue references Lake Phalen. With the exception of the last line of this clue and the remaining clues. which gives a hint at the final destination. Which woods means Witches Woods. The name given to this once large chunk of forest for many generations. The words tread and under should have you remembering last winter carnival hunt and Wheelock Parkway, the lost feather references the dragon boat races on the lake each summer. Believe it or not is Ripley street, the secret that sits in the middle is a Robert frost poem ( frost Avenue) ivy league is Ivy street, and vent is the Bruce Vento trail.

Clue #3

Published on Sunday, April 16, 2017 A jewel in the rough to unveil, should have you walking the right trail. A shining light on an independence display, will have you in play. To know your next spot is marked, from the Corner of your eye you note southeast he embarked. It's not here to find, a cloak hidden came to mind.


Jewel is Gem street, and unveil is Vale Avenue. The shining light is Beam Avenue. The independence display is the 4 th of July fireworks show here each summer. Next spot to mark is telling you to mark the flight path, and a reference to Markham Lake. The capital letter C is country road C. The cloak hidden. Is another secret that sits in the middle. Oak from cloak. A hint to sterling Oaks where it was found.

Clue #4

Published on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 A place known for leash and splash, and skiing and walking, but not one with cash. A Scottish evening or a Swedish afternoon, should let you know your quarry is soon. Many minds mull, or those not so dull, will know of this new place of rest. A pattern is emerging if you pass the test. Northwest he did stare, as you follow your fare. A turtle sprang to mind, a sure place to find.


Battlecreek park. The dog park and swimming facilities and skiing are all notable features. The Scottish evening is McKnight road. The Swedish afternoon is Afton road. Many minds mull is 3m. The pattern is a star shape. And passing the test was a hint to that.

Clue #5

Published on Thursday, April 20, 2017 He landed for a drink, but there was none in the sink. In jolly jewel town where Robert and Jack, enjoyed a Georgian jam snack. Alas, gold, joy, and delight, should be what you want to sight. Now is the test, to guess the final place of rest. Soon someone will feast, as he flies due east. For a shiney prize drop, this is no time to stop.


Gladstone neighborhood savanna preserve. Jolly jewel is Gladstone, Robert and Jack reference Frost Avenue, Georgian jam is savanna preserve. Alas, gold, joy, and delight are a hint at the disguise I hid medallion in, this is from Greensleeves, a famous song. And the medallion was pinned inside a length of green sleeve. The shiney prize is Sterling ( Oaks). The final location.

Clue #6

Published on Saturday, April 22, 2017 Finally it found a small plot to plant it's prize, Yours to grab if you can surmise. Silvery acorns strewn about, when you have cracked the code it's time to shout. A Texas town and two sisters of m, it's all coming clearer are you faster than them? The beginning of creation has you on the right track, Glory awaits no time to slack.


Silver acorns is Sterling Oaks, the Texas town is Arlington Avenue, the two sisters of m are myrtle and Mary streets, are you faster than them is a small sprint flag very near medallion. The beginning of creation is Origination inc. Located on South end, the track is the railroad tracks.

Clue #7

Sterling Oaks park by now you may have found, the Treasure is near and placed on the ground. Follow Montana Mary to a place of play, your hot on track if not led astray. Behind the pizza king crown, blow the golden trumpet and follow the sound. Past 7 white Oaks, and a throne of Stone, it sits in a small cluster of birch, Yours to own.


The structure at the top of the playground looks like the pizza Hut red roof logo. The trumpet is a underground sound tube that kids can hear each other from opposite sides. The one horn faces southwest directly towards hiding spot. The white Oaks are young trees with white plastic protection sleeves. The throne is the stone bench. And again a reference to it being near tracks.