The 2022 Hunt for the hoard is underway.

Please call me when you find it at 651-245-0329

Registration for this hunt is $10.

clue #1:

Something up my sleeve?
Follow and find something good.
In this city of Maplewood.
Come and search when you believe.

clue #2:

Each year before you followed the lore.
New treasure awaits along side a shore.
Go in search with a dragons clever guile.
Expect upon discovery an ear to ear smile.

clue #3:

Wait not for the end to know what to do.
Have a good walk enjoy shadow dragon view.
I won't be leaving scattered pages on the ground.
That doesn't mean there isn't anything else to be found.

clue #4

Stories of legends and long ago fights.
Find the hidden route.
In then out.
Calling out to you north of the lights.

clue #5

Languish not it won't be a bummer.
Over the long dragon summer.
Courtly meals near blood that heals.
Kneel upon endowment, receive your crafted garment.

clue #6

Mixed emotions on your current road?
Crack the dragons code to win the mother load.
Collections of wisdom there for free.
A bell tolls for thee like the aged gent in the sea.

The boundaries are Maplewood Minnesota.