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2019 Hunt for the Hoard

A Maplewood, MN treasure hunt

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Congratulations Team Stat, Steven Sanftner, and Matt Koskie on finding the 2019 Hunt for the Hoard medallion.

Clue Explanations

Clue#1: My,my,me,i, and me= Edward Street, take me for my word= Frank Street and a hint at edWARD.
Clue#2: the 4 structures were playground equipment that were taken down, and a new one build across the drainage pond(body of blue)
Clue#3: Boat= boat company that borders park, Float = the new water drainage feature installed at Gladstone Savannah which cuts through Gloster enroute to lake Phalen. Stay off my lawn = A hint at Edward Street and saying it wasn't hid in grass. before this place is gone = the park sign was recently removed and i believe thos is now a dead park.
Clue#4: Submit = synonym for yield, connecting the dots = the 2 roundabouts located just east and west of Gloster on Frost avenue.
Clue#5: in a pickle = baseball reference Fliceks only feature. Fickle = anagram for Flicek. Staring you in the face = look across the street to Gloster. where you would find a missing park sign, and crude graffiti on the single bench.
Clue#6: The dude should have you think of the now gone Maplewood bowl that stood on the NW corner of Frost and English. which is now a residence. Edward Street leading into Gloster has no sign. Scoring a goal = the former soccer field at Gloster. Stall, pull, and tanks = the towing business nearby. as well as the water tower seen on the playground.
Clue#7: Lookout = a tiny park very near Gloster, sparkler got = anagram for Gloster park, stay away from property lot = was not hidden near a residence or business. Fen +Ton = Fenton street dissecting park.
Clue#8: city shaped like a boot = Maplewood and medallion was on the ground, 2 names in dispute = Gloster and Gladstone, 2 named given to the same neighborhood. Gladstone = more resolute. Root = hidde. at base of a tree with some exposed roots.


Welcome to my hunt,
My intentions are no stunt.
Take me for my word.
I wish you the best,
Coming from me that is a test.


Once 4 structures that were old and rusted,
Not safe for kids and not to be trusted.
Something new will have to do,
Now across the body of blue.

Clue #3

Up the creek with no paddle or boat?
This isnt a parade but follow the float.
You will be closer if you stay off my lawn,
So hurry and visit before this place is gone.


Submit to the idea of connecting the dots, From 2 separate spots. Not that far apart, Now that is a good start.


In a pickle? Dont be so fickle.
It's staring you in the face,
A missing sign an unwelcome bench is your only trace.


The dude may abide, but nearby he will no longer reside,
This is a fitting place to hide.
A street with no sign, will be your first find.
To score a goal, now somewhere else you will have to go.
In a stall? need a pull? did you make sure the tanks were full?


Look out your getting too near,
As the sparkler got too hot.
Something you should fear,
Stay away from that property lot.
Now all hunts should be fun,
Some like Forrest Fenn who offer a ton,
Fit together the pieces and be the one who won.


In the city shaped like a boot,
A neighborhood took root,
2 names in dispute,
1 became more resolute,
This park is named for the one that became mute,
This will bring you to dragons loot.

Hunt Info

Hunt for the Hoard is a community treasure hunt, with a medallion hidden in a public park in Maplewood, MN. The reward is the entire registration pot, plus added cash and a keepsake item donated by the clue writer. Donations/registrations of $10 per person will sweeten the pot. Registration is not required to participate. Finders who are not registered still win half of the pot.

an additional bonus of 1 month of free gym membership was generously donated by Steven Sanftner to the finder.

Register here:

To be eligible to win the entire pot, one must register before clue 4 is published. Registration closes on April 15th at 4:59 pm.